I graduated with the course of Two-Year Computer Programming NC4 last 2009 to 2011, but before I graduate in that degree, each students must take an “ On-the-job training” (OJT). Some of us took the call center agent training and the others picked search engine optimization and I am one of them. When I entered the community of SEO, I was so confused and wondering what does their main job and how it works? Honestly, at first I am so regretful when choosing this field because  first is I am not an internet savvy, second I am easily get tired facing in front of computer, and lastly it is not my desire job. But eventually I realized that I must do this, because I have no choice but to take it though it is too far from the course that I took and too far from what I wanted to be. As time goes by I didn’t notice that slowly and slowly I am starting to love this profession and I wonder why? Almost five months that I am exposed in this field. Two months for being an OJT and the rest is for being a real trainee. So do I have the reason to refuse it anymore? Nothing! So for now I grabbed the opportunity to be a part of SEO trainees of SLTCFI BPO Incubation Center at Victory Village, Embarcadero De Legazpi , so that for me to widen my knowledge about SEO  because yes! I admitted I am not competitive enough to be a SEO but I say to you everything has always a way to acquire all the knowledge that is needed for me to succeed although I am facing the difficulties of expressing my thoughts and ideas via online, but I didn’t  lose hope because I’m doing anything to fulfill it, to reach it and I shall give my best shot. At this moment I am confident enough to answer the question, What Search Engine Optimization is? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of helping the website to be visible in the web page of search engine via “Natural or Unpaid search result”. The main purpose of search engine optimization is to make the website on the top list of search engine not just only to be visible on the webpage. And if you ask me why i choose this career? Very simple because I know in myself that I can do this. “If others can do then I could do this also”. If incase that I didn’t succeed on this field It’s ok for me. It is just a matter of acceptance and I keep on remembering the saying “END” is not the END because E.N.D means Effort Never Dies, and if I you got NO to an answer, don’t worry just remember N.O means Next Opportunity, so always be positive”.


Every individual is seeking for happiness. Each of us have same deep desire to become happy. Some of us are striving for opportunities or challenges because we think that maybe if we did those things we could say that we’re happy.  Sometimes some people doing an extraordinary thing like an adrenalin rush, just to ease their loneliness and regard this as happiness, but is it a real happiness?  When we are asking of what is happiness usually we answer it like “happiness  is the reason we smile, the reason why we live, and a lot more…”  but we can’t answer it exactly because no one will ever  knows  the real meaning of it, Even myself. We are still ignorant about it. Based on what I have researched, “Happiness is a mental state of well-being characterized by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy”.  We don’t know where exactly happiness comes from because it comprised the biological, psychological, religious and philosophical approaches. But one thing I am sure is that once we enjoy what we are doing we can call it as our own happiness. Now this is the time to ask myself am I happy enough? I am sure enough to say “of course yes”, because I am really happy of what I am doing. You know what guys Acting is my passion, through this I can express my feelings, thoughts and my idea, I assuredly say that happiness is really is it. I love acting ever since, because I know in myself that it is my destiny.